Manufacturing is one of the industries facing global competition like never before. Increasing raw material costs and reducing profit margins combined with government regulatory compliance policies not only keep managers in manufacturing industry on their toes, but also have made the business process complicated. Manufacturing industry needs to not only keep tight vigilance on competitors, but also find out ways to optimise resources to gain maximum productivity out of minimum investment. Innovative and profitable schemes at marketing level and maintaining optimum inventory of raw material to avoid overstock or short supplies are the areas with improvement potential.

Managers are required to be equipped with up-to-date and accurate information to take mission critical decisions based on factual data rather than just assumptions. Analysis of cost factors in acquisition of raw material and selling goods is important. Managers need to have an insight into the demand and supply trends to optimise inventory investment and avoid short supplies,  this demands for consolidation of information from supply chain system, enterprise resource planning, sales and marketing and customer relationship management systems for overall effective business process.

Some of the areas where Ventus Global BI Solutions can be applied to manufacturing:
  • Inventory Optimisation - Inventory optimisation analysis enables to monitor warehouse inventory tracking to reduce overcapacity. Helps you to monitor inventory-carrying cost for obsolete and slow moving inventory.
  • Financial Management - Financial management analysis facilitates budgeting, profitability and financial figures and monitor performance goals using financial BI Dashboards. Helps you to identify area to increasing accountability, management visibility and potential issues.
  • Supply Chain Management - Supply chain management analysis evaluates to supply chain activities; maximize vendor  performance without compromising on quality. Helps you in notification of bottleneck situations and possible shortcoming.
Other Areas of Analysis:
  • Price volume mix analysis
  • Cost management Installed base tracking
  • Warranty analysis
  • Factory Operations Analysis
  • Quality Performance Analysis
  • Shipping Performance
  • Product Life Cycle Analysis
  • Resource Analysis